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Welcome to PMSO LLC
Case File Management & Consulting Services
That Focus on where You are Now
We realize and understand that the personal and business matters that you may be going through could be confusing, extremely emotional, and even sometimes volatile. Through all of the changes on every level, you may be stuck and unable to move through the density to get to the other side. Our business helps you strategize a plan and make it possible to step back and take a look at what you can do to help yourself move again in what you love to do. 
We provide a safe place to discuss what your options are.  We provide a safe place where you can get your questions answered and begin to resolve your issues with simple, strategic steps.
We work closely with you as you move from the density and back into your own power.  We show you what your options and alternatives are to be able to take your power within yourself, back.
 Below are the services we provide for our over 5000+ satisfied clients with solutions to their dilemmas.